What is Linux ?

Maybe you didn’t know but everyday you are using Linux.

Linux is an Operating System (OS), if your not a Geek (a computer science knowledge) this articule is for you, let me explain you in a very easy way what it is.


Most of us know Windows, this is one of the most common OS used around the world but what it means OS? Means the Brain of any electronic device, Windows is in charge to control everything on a PC, control the video interfaces to present a graphical screens on monitors, control the USB ports on when to read and write, manage files (open, read, write, copy and even delete them), control the network interfaces, and the main uses Run Programs like Excel, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, etc. Also Windows is defined as close or property OS where only Microsoft is able to create new updates like Windows XP, Windows 8 and so on. Any mortal like you and me are able just to Develop or create programs (Now called Apps) to execute specific routines with accessing network interfaces, PC resources like memory or processor functions with the control and ruling from Windows.

But there are more OS like the newest Mavericks for Apple, this works similar like Windows for it can install an control only Mac Apple computers and nobody is able to create new updates. Apple introduce the concept of Apps, where any user can develop a program like PhotoShop. But Mavericks is based on one of the complex and potential OS inside … UNIX, original designed to control several interfaces, resources and complex operations made by Servers. UNIX is very complicated to configure and operate, Apple design Mavericks as an easy interface to interact with UNIX but with the facility to communicate with human language and interaction instead of command lines.

And at the same time like UNIX was designed another OS comes up… LINUX the name and the operations sounds like UNIX, but the main identifier is: LINUX is know it as an Open Source system, where anybody can read the internal code lines and modify them as new evolution or add new features resulting on a new update.

LINUX same as UNIX is able to manage several resources, interfaces and complex process, and is able to install on hardware like PC, SUN Servers, HP Servers, some crazy people installed on Mac computers. Even mobile phones use it, how is that? Android works like Apple Mavericks where is a human interfaces to operate and execute task and translate to LINUX commands.

With the adoption as Open Source a little group from the original LINUX creators are in charge to receive and review the designs from around the world developers and generate the new official updates. Now imagine how many people (employees) has Apple and Microsoft thinking on new features to be included on in its own OS instead of LINUX where any human been is able to think on a new feature to be included. This could be translated as the most powerful OS, but because we live in a Capital World the marketing show is the inverse.

Am I was clear? if not here is a kid explanation.

Imagine a Stadium this is the hardware like PC’s, Servers or Apple computers, then you have a Players like users, then is the game like Program or App. But somebody needs to turn on the lights (the stadium operators), start and control the game (the referee). The Stadium Operator who manager the resources and the Referee how control the game are the OS and both has to speak in the same language with Players and Stadium announcements or banners. Imagine a Basketball game with its own rules, signals, scores and public together is Windows. Now imagine Baseball game, could use the same stadium but different rules, its own players, vocabulary and spectators. Now imagine Football it can be player any stadium or even on streets, you can play it with a ballon but even a piece of paper made it as ball can be used, anybody knows how to quick the ball, the score is simple…. this is LINUX.

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