What is a Selfie ?

Believe it or not the Selfie exist since 1839, but it takes popularity on our days due the massive distribution of social networks posts and even with the edition of its own song.

The meaning.

Selfie means a self person photograph or a photo taken by myself, today this photo be come so popular by the adoption of SmartPhones with a Photo/Video camera and because everybody carry one on the pocket is commonly used to photograph a quick intervention, issue, situation or experience.

The most Shared Selfie.

Shut it with a Samsung Galaxy (r)  during the Oscar’s Event 2014

The most retweeted selfie

From the Oscar event 2014

With the invention of photo cameras, the selfies wasn’t possible because they need to uncovered the len and use a long exposure to capture a light impression on a photo tape, now imagine the camera operator who uncovered the len then moves in front of the camera and then returns to cover the len, these moves will be printed and show as a shadow on the photo. Until 1839 Robert Cronelius create the first camera shutter and take a picture of himself in front of the camera.

The Selfie song

Portable Cameras.

Then portable photo cameras became available and everybody was able to handled the camera and shoot by ourselves but until the film was revealed will see if the selfie was good or not. Then became the digital cameras with a color mini screen where is possible to see a preview of your photo after shut it and the option to retake it again, also a shutter timer was incorporated and it was possible to set it and walk in front of the camera instead of run.

The time follow and the cellular phones incorporated a mini camera and everybody could shut a photo in the same way as the photo cameras, carry the phone in our hand, take the picture and then check it on the photo gallery.

The Pope Selfie

The Pope taking a Selfie

The Pope Selfie


 Massive distribution.

A few years ago Smartphones comes to the market and incorporate a dual camera lens where a preview of the image we could see on screen before to take a shut, this camera is installed at the top of the screen.

Facebook and Twitter comes up, and the Youngers was the first in adopt the social networks, at the same time Apple and Samsung incorporate both mobile Apps on its iPhone and Galaxy respectively with a front camera build in, making possible to share your Selfie with friends, family and even make it public to everybody, and then the Selfie became so popular with new kind of statistics also, the more retweet Photo, the more Selfie shared, the Selfi song, etc. Below are the examples, check it and share us your self too!!

A dangerous Selfie. At Vegas

Dangerous Selfie

The most dangerous Selfie


The Controversial Selfie. [Michelle wasn’t invited]


At Nelson Mandela’s Funeral


The Dark Force Selfie


Lord Vader Selfie


A double Selfie

Tenis Selfie

A deuce Tenis selfie

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