The 7 Telecom challenge

Since the Voice Telephone conversations evolution, IP/Ethernet networks innovation and Mobile Internet access, the Telecom Networks and Engineers has to develop new skills, What is next?

The Telecom networks are always on constant evolution but some steps re-mark and need a huge adoption of transmit ion skills, protocols and mind change. Let me describe which one already experienced and then describe you the next New Step.

1. Telephone Network (PSTN).

This is maybe the first big evolution step, first changing from Analog to Digital Voice Signal and at the same time the transition from Huge Analogue Switch to Smaller and Digital Switches, the adoption of Trunking interfaces like E1/T1 and SDH links. And the long distance telephone conversations was allowed.

2. IP / Ethernet Networks.

The US goverment started the innovation of Data Networks with the use of Darpanet, years later emerge x.25, Token Ring and Frame Relay for Enterprise purpose but the installation required a complex knowledge where just a few knows. The evolution to IP / Ethernet was the better with the adoption of IP addressing to segment and identify host, security and controlling protocols. This kid of networks was quickly adopted and the engineering community has to develop their skills to avoid stay on a dark and forget rooms.

3. Internet & BroadBand access.

The adoption of IP/Ethernet networks helps the quickly Internet growing as the Net of Networks, later on named as World Wide Web, a network where all the information will be available and ready to be shared but more points of access was need it, because on the beginnings only on Campus the Internet was able to access in. The Telecom & Cable TV companies has to implement the BroadBand connection to stay involved on the Telecom growing. The new access networks  wasn’t expensive to install due the reuse of the Copper Cable and Coaxial Cable already installed on the field. Switching and Routing concepts emerge and grow with several new features.

4. Voice over IP.

Because the Voice Digitalized concept was well adopted and the Internet grows on a gigantic steps, the communications change to a new programs where a text conversations was allowed, called Chats and start implementing the voice message exchange and then the Concept of VoIP emerge with new Digital Codecs, Filters, Protocols and User Terminals, where the voice conversations could be established through the existing IP/Ethernet networks saving cost on cabling and well accepted on Enterprise environments where new cabling was required when people moves from old and new locations. Then use of the Internet to establish connections and finish Telephone Conversations between user was translated as money saves on Long Distance Calls.

5. Mobile Internet Access.

The Internet continues growing, bunch of information reside on hosting servers, chats, messaging and VoIP traffic increase on arithmetical way, but later on a visionary and revel guy emerge from the dark, his name Steve Jobs and introduce an amazing product / device, The iPhone and also create a new market for mobile applications where a Constant Internet Connection is need it and the Mobile Service Providers had to implement new Radio Networks as quick as possible to provide a better internet connections and faster due a bunch of transmitted data from users to Internet.

6. Cloud and Data Centers.

From time to time, the computing programs grows to a complex applications with several features. Also Mobile Apps development emerges where Games requieres graphical interfaces even more realistic or animated, consuming local devices resources and data processing. Data Centers comes as the solution for restore data, virtualize computing environments and execute the complexity process instead to run on the local devices, growing to a new Cloud Concept reached through Internet via Desktop or Mobile Applications.


The Next Challenge

7. The World of Apps.

social-network_110002666-012814-int copyThe computer programs now are recognized as Apps running on mobile devices or desktop equipments. But also due the Data Centers capabilities is quiet easy to develop software to execute complex processing or tasks where Telecom World resolved with the use of dedicate Hardware, How is that? imaging one of the Telecom Operators and its need to route too many networks from domestic users and enterprise users, the solution was to implement a Huge Router box with to many Ethernet Ports, but also to distribute traffic between cities Huge Switches are need it too, this means another box, each box consume energy, needs to be monitoring by a Management System, Configured via Terminal and must of them requieres Software Licensing. Now imaging a Data Center with a common Input/Output Ethernet Ports Pannel and virtualize the Routing and the Switching process, everything in one box and accessed not only by a dedicated management system, also by a user App.

When the Telecom Provider needs to increase the network port capacity, a new Box has to be installed, with the use of a Data Center the capacity and processing skills are better due only Software programs running inside and has the capability to share resources between tasks.

In Conclusion.

On Each step the adoption of new protocols, features, standards and skills where need it, at the same time we as Engineers has to improve or technical skills as quick as the markets and needs comes up. Now I visualize a new Telecom Engineer evolution from Network devices to Software solutions with the adoption of Apps to control, configure and even sale new solutions, by that I suggest to start your learning and understand Software language like C, Python, Objective-C, Android and Mobile Apps understanding because this kid of devices are growing a lot with new kind of solutions requirements.

Also keep in mind that we are loosing the curiosity of new things and now Kids understand incredibly quick the Technology and guys from 13 years old are allowed to create Apps and clear knowledge on Computing Languague.

Keep your self study, learn and evolve as greater person. Transfer your knowledge and learn new ones.

See you on my next blog.

Beto Garcia

Telecom consultant & sales engineer, Blogger contributor @Cisco & @TiTiApps. Mobile Apps business initiator. Experienced Engineer with more than 10 years on Service Providers Networks.

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