The new Hacking is on the posts and fake emails

Anybody could know about your personal life with our reading your mind, just reading your Post.

Recently I saw a video where people are invited to join a Mind Session where a Fake Guru try to read their minds with incredible results, all the information was accurate and even their don’t know exactly accounts numbers as the Guru knows.


But at the end of the session the Fake Guru share his secret on how was possible to read their minds and know all these personal information!!!!



With the help of a Technical Team surfing the web, looking the Social Network profiles, public posts and even friend posts, was possible to build and recover the personal info.


The conclusion: Be aware on what you post and who can view those posts!!

This is a security concern, all the social network sites has a security options but by default most of your post and profile are open, other wise the social network concept could be lost, but this very dangerous in the cases that malicious people recover a bunch on info.

Why is that?

Lets take a simple example, imagine that someone post “I’m excited and can’t sleep because tomorrow a leave for a long trip“. This line means “my home will be alone for a long period of time, friend take care for me” and could be a thief target. That’s why is very important to take care on who is able to see your posts.


Another example, post a photo with your “toys”, where Toys are Mobile Phone, laptop, car, watch, etc, normally we mention as toys our expensive stuffs!!!, you could be target for a thief also, and surfing a little bit could be able to view your home/office address, frequently sites and malicious people can trace a plan where to catch you.


One more thing, normally we didn’t take care on the passwords definitions and build them with personal data, like birth dates, family names, pets names, nicknames, mixing them and so on, this mean if somebody can get your personal data is possible to try several combinations and Wuala!! a password thief. Also I know some people who avoid the creation of individual password and match the access with the Facebook or Gmail profile, or match same password to all your email accounts sharing the same user name. Imagine what could happens is you get a password thief, can eraser all your photos, files, documents, send fake emails, even send Fishing Emails or virus emails on behalf of YOU.


What you post in the web is similar on what you through to the garbage, is possible to know your likes, time schedules, favorite activities and even your agenda.

What about E-mail?

Please be aware on the attached links!!! It is very easy to create a fake bank email asking you to confirm some accounting details by requesting to Reply the message with your login user, complete account number, postal address or even asking for your passwords. Before to click it just put the mouse on the suspect link and check the Status Bar ( The line at the bottom of your browser window ) and double check if the linked URL is owned by your back, if not sure about it? Call your bank and confirm if its a genuine message and trusted link.



What I need to do?

Please read and understand clearly the contract conditions where mention which part of your profile and posts will be public, follow the instruction and activate the security options to make sure with who you are sharing. Follow the continuous advices from the main IT security companies like Symantec or Cisco.

Review your privacy settings on your Social Networks to confirm who are allowed to read your posts.

Do not answer Emails form your bank or from promotional sites as soon as you receive, the phishing is effective by distracting your attention with Urgent message to reply with your information or notify you about a winning challenge.

Remember the New Hacking isn’t by Geek writing a bunch of code, they are smartest people using psychology to scare you and catch your personal info provided By YourSelf!!

Aren’t you impressed?

Take a look again on the videos, share them and update your Privacy settings NOW.


See you on the next blog.

Beto Garcia

Telecom consultant & sales engineer, Blogger contributor @Cisco & @TiTiApps. Mobile Apps business initiator. Experienced Engineer with more than 10 years on Service Providers Networks.

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