Use Post-it as Art designs

Are you one of those guys who use too many Yellow Post-it ?

post-it-noteMay be you write a heart, write shot message like “I love you” / “I miss you” / “BFF” and cover your friends car with tens of Yellow Post-it, and everybody smile on the streets as soon as car goes on the way.

But you could be more creative, and not only surprise your friend, you can surprise a huge audience and show how incredible your friendship is. No matter if you just draw on every Post-it, try different colors, different kind of draws, or even don’t write / draw anything just create a wall of Post-its, the sum of colors could build amazing figures.

Here are some samples from around the world, made it on streets, office, stores and even to commemorate the Steve Jobs absent.

Try it yours and show us your design, remember the sky is the limit.

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