PicTukis App – brief description

Here we are, with our new available Mobile App called PicTukis.

With this app you can insert funny sticker into your photos, this Free Version is available in the two bigger App Stores, iTunes and Google Play and include 1 (one) stickers catalogue as a general category, you can purchase more stickers and grow your catalogues.

The available catalogues include office sticker to decorate your work place photos; girls & boys to add as your friends; little pets and so more stickers.

Here is a quick example on how your photo could be looks like,


the sticker can be resize and rotate just select the correspondent icon to edit the sticker.

Soon will be published a short video showing how the App works and get familiar with the functionalities.

We are working to include more stickers and also open to hear your comments to edit new themes stickers. Also tell us about your experience using the App to correct bugs.

In TiTi Apps we are glad to invite you to share to the world your edited photos posting on Facebook and Twitter, and suggest you to insert the hashtag #pictukis as an easy way to find the photos.

Enjoy and hope to hear your comments.

Beto Garcia

Telecom consultant & sales engineer, Blogger contributor @Cisco & @TiTiApps. Mobile Apps business initiator. Experienced Engineer with more than 10 years on Service Providers Networks.

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