Paper notebook vs. Smartphone

Do you need to take some notes? Draw an idea? Write a “ToDo” list? This is for you.

We don’t need to be an artist to make a quick draw just to express an idea or explain a complicate procedure.

We don’t need to be a journalist to write a quick note that could be a text for official documents.


All your handwriting could be capture “today” on your Paper Notebook or Smartphone with to many writing Apps. But what is better? let’s see the difference:

  • Using a pen and paper you can free your hand and write your text in a confortable way, if you try on your smartphone in most Apps if the hand touch the screen is translate as writing command and this could difficult the writing.
  • If you are making a draw in the park, most Apps could provide a variety of colors, brushes and even possible to erase or undo, making easy the corrections or even delete your draw and start from scratch. With paper notebook you need to carry a pack with the set of brushes, colors and no eraser is allowed… how you could erase a black ink, not possible.
  • On smarphone most Apps allows you to take a picture and draw over it instantly, on a paper is not possible, you have to take picture, print it, glue it and the draw.
  • You will never get interrupted during a note write or drawing idea on a paper notebook, with your smartphone you could receive an email and interrupt your imagination or even receive a call and push the wrong button.
  • The worst thing, you lost one of those, which one will affect you much? of course the smartphone could be more compromised due the saved contacts list, email accounts, notes and the invested money to purchased. The paper notebook could be a happiness day if you have funniest draws, or could be possible return to you, I never hear that somebody gets returned their smartphones.

I suggest the following Mobile Apps, all are amazing just try one by one and take your choice: moleskine, bamboo, paper53, evernote.

As paper notebook I really like the Moleskine notebooks, also tried 3M Post-it and any OfficeDepot notebook.

Which one is better? I think it depends on how you can adopt them, i. e. receive a call and take notes on the paper notebook both working fine at the same time. I so some guys making amazing draws on mobile Apps due the versatile tools but some other create incredible Black&White pictures on paper. I do prefer paper, What about you?

Beto Garcia

Telecom consultant & sales engineer, Blogger contributor @Cisco & @TiTiApps. Mobile Apps business initiator. Experienced Engineer with more than 10 years on Service Providers Networks.

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