Google Glass Adventures

Google already did one of the biggest technology innovations, the Google Glass.

This device is more than a glasses with a video camera, and maybe you already saw a bunch of videos showing how it looks like, promotional flyers describing its features, a lot of “how to’s” like make a phone call, take a picture, but also you could get fun!!!. With your imagination and creativity is possible to shot amazing videos with Glass, remember the sky is the limit on your ideas.

Now with Glass is possible to record videos in first person, something like the GoPro video cam initialed designed to be attach on your bike and record your route, with Glass is posible to demonstrate how a Doctor execute a surgery, show your day to day life experience, explore incredible places, and everything could be sharing instantly.

Helping with some edition tools is possible to edit short films and improve your creativity. I hope in the near future Glass will be available for everybody and start sharing my experience with you. Here are some sample on the Glass uses, enjoy and tell me if you get excited and anxious to have yours.

Beto Garcia

Telecom consultant & sales engineer, Blogger contributor @Cisco & @TiTiApps. Mobile Apps business initiator. Experienced Engineer with more than 10 years on Service Providers Networks.

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