The Google Data Center

Where all the Searches, Post, Images and Video are restored on the Internet?

One of those places are the Google Data Center.


What is a Data Center? This is a Big Room full of servers working as a HardDrives Farms ready to support lot of data processing and storage. This kind of rooms are used to host all the social network’s Posts or Facebook’s Likes, Twitter or Youtube. Some others are builded to virtualize a bunch of Data Bases, Web Page Hosting, Email servers and even Virtual Hard Drives where anybody could back up their information.

Even Apple use a Huge Data Center to support iCloud infrastructure and the famous Photo Stream service.

With those kind of files or information hosted on a Data Center, is Mandatory to use the Best of the Best on security and a big challenge for Hackers, that’s why for all Mortals like me, is impossible to get access on those places and see who they are working.

BUT today, Google gave us a glitch on how One of these Data Centers works, looks like and who keep it running.

Did you realized before this video where were all your Posts?

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