How Facebook gets revenue?

Almost everybody has a profile on Facebook and you already know facebook-sign-89that all post, pictures and chat is for FREE, by that, How Facebook gets money to support a huge IT infraestructure, employee payments and be attractive for investors?

Answer: From ads.

Advertisement is the secret, and even the ads comes alive in more than 1 year, it was presented only on the web interface, now is available on mobile interface.

The first ads came similar as Google does on web interface, shows as a little box on the right colum, everybody with same size, and format, that’s why accessing the mobile app access we could skip the ads and just review our friends posts.

Now Facebook change them and includes into the Feeds News as a sponsored post, in this way is possible to guaranty more ads views and promote more click.

No need to be an enterprise to have ads or promote post, any user can upgrade his profile as Advertiser just need a PayPal account or Credit card. Then exist two promotional ads:

  1. Promote a post. Any of your post on you Facebook or Page will have the option to “promote” available on web interface and mobile app interface as well, you can assign a budget and audience delegating to Facebook the intelligence to adjust the CPC Cost Per Click in a better way. All those sponsored post will be show on Feed News on your friends, friends of friends, or even public.
  2. Specific ads. Facebook has a tool where you can create your own ad, only available through the web portal. With this option you can promote posts, blogs, web pages and mobile apps on iTunes & Google Play. You can assign ans specific budget to ensure visits, clicks or downloads, only need to define your own objective target.

We on TiTi Apps already experienced the advertisement on Facebook and the results was great and not too marketing experience do we need to reach our targets, we recommend the use it and we will continue on it.

By now Facebook is already experiencing the idea to launch dedicate Mobile Apps for each service, like Facebook Chat were they are looking for detach the chating from the Main Facebook App, as well as Instagram were they looking to forward and restore all the photos & videos instead to duplicated the same content on both apps.

This new idea sounds good as a diversity solutions or maker share, but may be for the user the mandatory changing from app to app for every services, couldn’t be a great idea. Lets keep an eye on what Facebook will release soon and compare what is useful and comfortable.

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