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Since the SMS (Short Message Service) was available on the mobile phone, try typing on a very small screens and numeric keyboards was a challenge, that why some every body start using the characters on a different way, just like type abbreviations, acronyms or even Emotions, here are some examples:

Abbreviations: need 2 c u asap.  Translation: I need to see you as soon as possible.

Acronyms: OMG  /  BFF.   Translation: Oh my god!!  /  Best Friends Forever.


\m/    \m/     Rock&Roll

:-p          Joking

( o )( o )     34D

( 0 Y 0 )    36DD

Later on the smartphones with QWERTY keyboard came to the world, as well the web chat rooms and Youngers continues using the characters on a free way, avoiding all the gramatical rules and adopting the name as Emoticons, meaning little icons write it on ASCII strings to express self emotions.

IMG_5309The evolution of the WEB continues its development, HTML was developed up to day as HTML version 5 where multimedia capabilities are huge in compare with some years ago. iPhone came to the world as the favorite mobile phone, Android was released and became the second mobile phone operating system. These evolutions allow a tremendous change on the Emoticons because now the ASCII letters could be change or format as icons or little image capable to include on text lines when typing on a Web Chat, Android and iOS allow multiple language keyboards where one on those keyboard adopted the name as Emoji, changing the letters on the keyboard for icons.

Now is common to see everybody messaging including Emonjis merged on text lines, social post and advertisers. Even Facebook adopt the Emonjis with a bigger icons as new way to get fun and keep the attention on its Social Network.

And again the Web continues evolutions and adopting newest ideas. The next idea came from Google: Emojify the Web, they say. But what it means?

Because the use of Emonjis now is a common use, why not create a Translator where read short message and identify words able to change as Emonji automatically!!! by this even the Adult people can messaging in a funny way and create text with less words (remember that SMS and Tweets has a limit letters). With the adoption of this new translator more ideas came out!!!

Why not translate the complicated “Code Editors” where to many lines of code, API’s, actions, bla bla bla bla that are very complicated to understand by normal people, change by figures making the actions more legibles when write a program, and due this translator and the use of icons instead of line codes, could be possible replace the boring URL text to include icons, just like the “favicons“.

Take a look on the video and have an idea an what could be the next evolution of the web and how the people is changing the way its communicate ideas.

Have a nice read and see you on the post.

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