30 years of apple

30 years of live t wasn’t so easy to comply!! How many companies never reach the first year of live, 10 year for others was a successful target before to be acquired for a big one. Theses apple get 30 years of live.

Today Apple means success, profit and fashion, but to many things happened before to be company ruling the innovation trends.

The company started on Steve’s Garage, a CEO from PepsiCo was hired and later on lose the emphatic from Steve and decide to Lay off Steve with the Board support.

Apple try to follow the PC trends and create several computers models, too many people involved on Development, causing lose of money and profit. The Scully was lay off and Steve rejoin the company.

Apple redefine its products line on to just 4 models. Desktop & Laptop and for Basic & Pro users. From that time Apple was on the top of design, innovation & profit.

Apple started creating “needs” with fancy products. The MP3 players already exist on the market but iPod cakes with a huge music capacity, less operation complex and fashioned view.

iTunes change the way on how to purchase music, instead to buy a complete album we could be able to buy only the song that we like.

iPhone change the paradigm and rules from Mobile Service Operators, where the networks now follow the trends dictated by Apple. Internet grows impressive times just because the need of higher bandwidth requested by Mobile Apps.

MacBook Air the thinners laptop in the world when was launched, fashioned design, and powerful capabilities on less hardware.

Airport wireless network where the user just need to turn on, select from available networks, choose a network name and the equipments configured by itself, no technical knowledge requieres, no too much time.

And my grates experience… unpack my first MacBook White, set my name, location and language, wait just 2 minutes, and nothing else has to be set!!! immediately was able to load my photos, surf the Internet, download music and even sync my iPod, PC is able to do this? no way!!! even today on Windows 8.

Lets follow the company, see what comes on the near feature and keep enjoying the experience to be a MacGeek

Beto Garcia

Telecom consultant & sales engineer, Blogger contributor @Cisco & @TiTiApps. Mobile Apps business initiator. Experienced Engineer with more than 10 years on Service Providers Networks.

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