How strong or weak is your Password ?

Every online service or system needs to be registered through a Password, but because there are too many places joined by every person, it’s almost imposible to create and remember a strong password for each place, that why most of us relate those Passwords with common used words or numbers to have an easy way to remember.

Also we know about hackers trying to breaking the security and skip the password lock, we imagine them as a Coding Gurus typing lots of line codes to break the security password systems, BUT today The Social Hacking is the most common way to obtain the password right from the user mouth. How it works? Here is a video showing the reality.

Now think bout this: How strong or weak is your password? No matter! just keep it in your mind!

Beto Garcia

Telecom consultant & sales engineer, Blogger contributor @Cisco & @TiTiApps. Mobile Apps business initiator. Experienced Engineer with more than 10 years on Service Providers Networks.

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